2021 without Interbancario

Almost a whole year has now passed since our last anniversary Interbancario in the glistening sunshine in Carezza / Dolomites. Much has changed for all of us since then because of the Corona virus, including skiing. Most of us are still waiting to be able to draw the first turns in the snow or make the first laps in the cross-country tracks this winter.

We are approaching a new year 2021 without our highlight, as we can confidently call our Interbancario. But we can already look forward to the 61st SKI MEETING INTERBANCARIO EUROPEO in January 2022.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy new year 2021.

Farewell to Brede Havneraas


Only a short time after our 60th Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo 2020 in Carezza, we received particularly sad news. Our friend and active member of the Standing Committee, Brede Havneraas, has passed away. 

Since 2017 Brede was a member of the Standing Committee. As leader of the Nordea Sports Association from 2007 to 2015 and as a member of the Board of Nordea's "Olympics", he brought a wealth of experience in the management, organisation and development of major events. 

In our Committee, Brede was our expert for the cross-country skiing competitions, among other things. At the 60th Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo 2020 in Carezza, he also participated successfully in all cross-country skiing competitions with great commitment and enthusiasm.

His ideas, his innovative proposals and his interesting and thoughtful contributions to discussions enriched our work. Brede was a man of fine character. He had a friendly and winning manner and was always in a contagious good mood. 

Brede died of a heart attack on 07 February 2020 while cross-country skiing in the Telemark in southern Norway. He was 63 years old.

We wish his family much strength to overcome the great sorrow. Brede will always be remembered as a friend with a big heart and an open mind.

Richard Maria Seebacher
Chairman of the Standing Committee
Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo

60th Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo 2020

18th to 25th of January 2020

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