The Standing Committee


The aim of the Standing Committee is to protect and preserve the spirit, the prestige, the traditions of the Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo and to ensure the continuity of its direction.

It is the Standing Committee’s task to prompt and/or evaluate requests and/or proposals concerning the organization of new editions of the event and to supervise the programme and the regulations as well as to support and assist, if necessary, the Organizing Committee in its work.

The Standing Committee is available to help any institutions, organizations and/or associations who may be interested in organizing the event and to share with them its wealth of individual and collective experiences acquired in the previous editions of the Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo.

Members Executive Committee 


Seebacher Richard Maria

Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano / Südtiroler Sparkasse - Bolzano / Bozen

Vice-Chairman Vicar

Poggio Luca

UniCredit S.p.A. - Savona





Other members Standing Committee

Geist Manuela

Serafini Raffaella

Olivieri Stefano

Honisch Martin


LBS Bayerische Landesbausparkasse - München

Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano - Bolzano / Südtiroler Sparkasse - Bozen

UniCredit - Verona

Credit Suisse - Zuerich




Locatelli Flavia
Selonke Thomas
Peternel Irina
Matheson Christian
Pedersoli Laura

Intesa SanPaolo - Milano
Deutsche Bank AG - München
SKB-Slovenia - Ljubljana
Nordea - Oslo
BPER Banca - Bergamo