Regulations adapted


At its last meeting, the Standing Committee decided on some adjustments to the "Regulations Participation and Competitions".

The most important changes concern the cross-country races

  • The races in classic style will be held as "pursuit races" from 2022. The starting order in these pursuit races will be determined by the placing in the preceding freestyle race.
  • The relay race will be held with "mixed" relay teams from 2022. A relay team will be formded by 2 women and 2 men. The distance for the women is 5 km, for the men 7.5 km. One lady and one gentleman run the course in classic style, the second lady and the second gentleman run the course in freestyle. 

    Each bank can register up to six mixed relay teams. A bank can therefore have a total of 24 athletes (12 women and 12 men) in the race. Previously, 18 participants (two women's and four men's relay teams of 3 athletes each) could be registered per bank for the relay race.

The Regulations for athletes with handicap (para alpine skiers) in the giant slalom are new

These are the amended paragraphs in the "Regulations Participation and Competitions":
1.8                                Competition Jury
1.10                              Disclaimer
2.2                                Number of Relays
3.1                                Cross-country Individual Race Classification
3.3                                Classification cross-country relay races
5.1 - 5.8                        Individual Cross-Country - Adjustment
6.1                                Relay Cross-Country - Adjustment
Appendix to Regulations
B. Prize giving             Number of prizes per relay team
F. Starting Intervals     Cross Country Classic Style race as Pursuit race

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Returning to Carezza Dolomites


As we know by now, the 61st Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo 2022 will return to the Dolomites in the Carezza ski resort from 23 to 29 January 2022. Always assuming that the development of the pandemic doesn't throw a spanner in the plans again.

Here are some dates to keep in mind.

Hotel reservations can be made from May 2021. The website of the local Organising Committee will be updated and published within April. The list of partner hotels of the local Organising Committee including prices will be published on the website. There you will also find information about hotel reservations and other important information about the event.

As before, the deposit of 20% of the accommodation costs to the hotels must be paid by 31 October 2021. If participation should not be possible due to the ongoing critical pandemic development in autumn / winter 2021/2022, cancellation should be possible free of charge.

The registration period for participating in the event runs from 01 November to 31 December 2021. As always, registrations can be made via our website under the menu item "Registration".

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The 2021 Interbancario is cancelled


The decision was certainly not an easy one. We tried to take our time with it, in the expectation that the Corona nebulae would clear up a bit in the meantime. In view of the continuing uncertainty, we then decided to suspend the Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo for one year. The event planned for 2021 will be postponed to the following year 2022.

There are several reasons for the postponement. Here are just a few of them:

  • The health of the participants is the most important thing to us. It can be assumed that the Sars-CoV-2 virus will still be in circulation next winter. There is also the danger of a second wave. By the end of the current year, no vaccine against the virus will probably be available.
  • The Interbancario is a major event with more than 1,000 participants. During the evening events and prize-giving ceremonies, it will be impossible to comply with any rules that may still exist in January 2021 to protect the participants. Nor is it certain today that major events with such crowds of people will be allowed to take place at all.
  • Many of the participants belong to the more vulnerable risk group. They and others will avoid large gatherings of people out of caution. The assumption that the Interbancario would take place in January 2021 with only a few participants is not entirely absurd.
  • After the total blockade of all preparatory measures due to the restrictions caused by the virus, the Organizing Committee in Kranjska Gora is also several months behind schedule. An international event such as the Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo requires a great deal of organisation and a sufficiently long lead time for preparation.
  • In addition, the local Organizing Committee lacks some of the funding from public authorities, sponsors and partners, which has been severely cut or cancelled due to the economic slump caused by the "lockdown".

A year without Interbancario will be sorely missed by all of us. But we will make good use of the time to put on another great and spectacular Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo in 2022.

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All has changed


A bit more than two months ago we finished a fantastic Interbancario week in the heart of the South Tyrolean Dolomites under Rosengarten and Latemar, with exciting competitions in cross-country skiing, snowboarding and giant slalom, with entertaining evenings together.

Here you can find photos and videos:


Since then the world has changed fundamentally. We are all fighting a virus now. Our health comes first, everything else has faded into the background.

The Annual Meeting of the Standing Committee in Kranjska Gora in March also fell victim to the virus. Decisions on important issues are therefore still pending.

In any case, we will keep you up to date and inform you promptly about new developments.

Stay healthy, everyone.

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New in the Regulations - New in the Standing Committee


The Standing Committee met several times also during the Interbancario week in Carezza to prepare important decisions, but also to take decisions.

Minor adjustments have been made to the Regulations:

  • Not only will the race days for the individual categories change every year as before (rotation), but in future the starting times for these categories on the respective race day will also change.
  • Several indestructible, over 80-year-old racers enrich our Ski Meeting every year with their participation. They are also the first to start in the cat. G, regardless of their starting group. For them, the starting group 0 in the Cat. G will be officially introduced.
  • The registration deadline for the relay races from 2021 will be brought forward to 3 p.m. on the day before the relay races (previously 7 p.m.) in order to have more time for preparing the start lists for the relay races.

Further decisions are in preparation, such as the introduction of separate categories for disabled athletes. 

New in the Standing Committee

Alain Desfonds (Credit Agricole France), a member of the Standing Committee since 2017, submitted his resignation last year. He has now been replaced by Philippe Dubois (Groupe BPCE Sports). 

We thank Alain for his commitment and his support and wish Philippe every success and enthusiasm as a member of the Standing Committee.

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Presentation Team Captains Meeting


Here you will find the documents presented in the Team Captains Meeting. 

Allgemein / Alpin und Snowboard (General / Ski alpine and Snowboard)

Langlauf (Nordic ski)

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60th anniversary of Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo: Sign up now


You can also register HERE to participate in the anniversary edition of the Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo which takes place from 18th to 25th January 2020 in Carezza Dolomites..

Here you'll find at least 3 reasons why you shouldn't miss it.

And HERE you can have a look at the full program.


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Treatment of personal data - consent


As you could read in our latest news and Newsletter July 2019 from 29.07.2019, the regulations have been adjusted this year in some points. Among other things chapter 9 - Processing and protection of personal data - has been added. 

As the owner of personal data we are obliged to obtain the consent of each participant for the processing of such data.

  1. The information sheet can be downloaded from our website. It can also be downloaded from the registration portal (accessible and active from 01 November 2019).
  2. The participant signs the declaration of consent and waiver and hands it over to the team leader. The latter will hand it over to the race office.
  3. Also one-man/woman-teams will hand over the declaration to the race office when he/she picks up the start package with the starting number.


The declaration of consent and waiver remains valid for the following years and must therefore only be submitted once.

We look forward to seeing you all in January in Carezza - Dolomites.

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What's new in the Regulations?


The Regulations with new contents are now online. This has changed:

Chapter 1.3 - The new paragraphs 2 and 3 of this chapter contain new admission criteria for participation in the Interbancario.

Chapter 9.1 - This new chapter is dedicated to information on the protection of personal data.

Chapter 10 - Annex to the Regulations - For many years the participation fees have remained unchanged. Now they have been slightly increased to 30 € (previously 27 €) per competitor / discipline and 60 € (previously 54 €) for the cross-country relay team.

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Decisions and Amendments


On a weekend at the beginning of March, the Standing Committee met for its annual conference in Welschnofen/Nova Levante. Welschnofen/Nova Levante is the gateway to the Carezza Dolomites ski area, where the 60th Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo 2020 will take place. The conference programme also included a joint meeting with the Organising Committee of Carezza Dolomites.


Here you will find the information about the most important decisions and the resulting changes.


Extended rules for admission to the Interbancario

Restructuring and rationalisation measures in banks are normally having an impact on personnel policy. Early retirements, severance payments, termination agreements of various kinds or sabbaticals are sometimes the result.

With an extended regulation of the admission requirements, we are attempting to enable the persons affected by these measures to continue to participate in the Interbancario. A corresponding change to the regulations is in preparation.


Privacy - Consent to the publication of photos

The registration for the Interbancario in the future also includes the consent to the publication of photos.


Participation fee adjusted

From November 2019 the participation fee will be 30 Euro per participant and discipline and 60 Eurofor each cross-country relay team.


Race tracks and ski pass prices

The alpine ski and snowboard races are held on the FIS-homologated Laurin III slope. The common finish area for all categories is directly at the Frommer Alm, where the mountain station of the Laurin I cable car, which leads up from Welschnofen/Nova Levante, is also located.

The multi-day ski passes at new special prices are now also valid for the entire neighbouring Fassa Valley.

You can find all the information you need on the homepage of the Organising Committee of Carezza Dolomites

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Great feedback


Many of you have accepted the invitation to participate in the survey. Thank you very much for that.

Your opinion, your critical remarks, your suggestions are very important to us. They will be a central topic in the next meeting of the Standing Committee.

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Tell us your opinion


We have started a survey among the participants of the 59th Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo 2019 in Maria Alm am Steinernen Meer.

You can tell us your opinion until 15 February 2019.Click here for the survey.

We are very curious about what you have to tell us.

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Welcome to Maria Alm


A warm welcome to our 59th Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo 2019 in Maria Alm.


Please don't forget:

For the cabaret evening on Monday 28 January at 05.00 p.m., please register quickly in advance with the

Tourismusverband Maria Alm (Tel. 06584 20388 20 I Email:

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Excellent conditions in Maria Alm


In Maria Alm there is deep winter. The conditions for our Interbancario could not be better.

 Cross-country skiers, snowboarders, giant slalom runners and all other participants will have their bright joy in this.

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Registrations open until 31 December 2018


The registrations of teams and participants are currently in full swing. More banks are added to the already long list every day. The registration deadline is 31 December 2018.

As it looks, the Interbancario 2019 will again be a super event with some new highlights for the participants, such as the pre-opening party in the summit restaurant TOM at Natrun on Saturday evening (26 January 2019). Another new program item is in preparation. More about this in our next NEWS.

We wish you a Merry Christmas.

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It's time again - Registrations for the 59th Interbancario are open


Registration for the 59th Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo in Maria Alm (Salzburg / Austria) starts on1 November. You can now register your team online via the website.

The registration process is still the same. Banks that have competed at the Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo in the past two years will find their teams in the database with a list of their members. They just need to update their listings, if required, and to confirm.

Banks competing at the Interbancariofor the 1st time need to register the bank and then the participants of their team.

We will be pleased to assist you with any questions. All you need to do is request assistance via the contact page. Please enter your phone number to facilitate quick assistance with information.

Race program 2019

The race program of the Interbancario week can be found here. The complete program with all other events will be published on the homepage of the Organizing Committee of Maria Alm.

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Thanks and recognition



  Dear friends,

  Severino Dinoni passed away on the 5th of October.

  Severino Dinoni was a member of the Standing Committee of the Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo from 1988 to 2012. The Interbancario community has lost a passionate skier and a committed supporter.


Ein Bild, das Person, Mann, älter, haltend enthält. Mit sehr hoher Zuverlässigkeit generierte Beschreibung  Already in December 2015, our long-time Vice President, member of the Standing Committee from 1980 to 2014, Gustl Prohaczka, has passed away.



Our thanks and recognition go to both of them.

The Standing Committee


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Visit to the summery Maria Alm


Actually, much has already been fixed regarding the 59th Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo 2019 in Maria Alm. The local Organizing Committee with President Franz Bauer is already quite active.

But: The expectations for the next Interbancario are high. We all want to look forward to an extremely interesting, varied Interbancario week with new offers and many highlights.

A meeting in August in Maria Alm between members of the Standing Committee and the Local Organizing Committee was used to clarify details of the racing and evening program. This included a meeting with the timekeepers of RaceTimePro.


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New Regulations Are Online


The new version of our Regulations is now online. The section 07 "Snowboard" is completely new. We have extended the instructions for the transfer of participation fees, as well as the section on results (point 3.4.). In addition, the Regulations contain some useful adjustments and clarifications.

The Regulations can also be downloaded as a PDF document.

At the same time, we have also inserted in the current category overview the new categories for snowboarding.

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Summer in Europe


The Alpine roses on Penserjoch (Sarntal, South Tyrol – 2.211 m) confirm that the summer has arrived. From the south of Europe to the high north, people enjoy sun, mountains, sea and everything in between.

We'll take our time to prepare well for all the changes and news of the Interbancario 2019.

We wish you all a sunny, eventful summer.

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Hotel booking now possible


Earlier than usual you can now book your hotel rooms for the 59th Interbancario in Maria Alm 2019.

Hochkönig Tourismus GmbH
Am Gemeindeplatz 7
5761 Maria Alm, Österreich
Phone   +43 6584 20388
Fax       +43 6584 20388 25

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Preview Racetracks 2019


Slopes: challenging and varied


  An event like the Interbancario requires forward-looking planning over several years and diligent work and preparation throughout the year.

Like every year, the Standing Committee met again this March in the venue of the next Interbancario for its spring session.

This includes a visit to cross-country slopes and giant slalom race-courses. Together with the Organizing Committee, the course of the two race tracks for giant slalom, the start positions for the single categories and the finish area have been fixed.

Our conclusion, which applies to both the cross-country skiing slopes and the giant slalom slopes:
challenging, but also varied and interesting. It will be fun for everyone.

So we can look forward to the next Interbancario from the 26th of January to the 2nd of February 2019 in Maria Alm.

Please find here a draft version of the Competitions Program 2019.

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Your photos


Your photos

of the 58th Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo 2018 -

you can order them at the following adress

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Extra shifts and additional efforts


The organizers of the Interbancario 2018, together with the Standing Committee, had some challenges to tackle on Marguns and in Pontresina.

Weather determines program

The reason for this was the weather, which dominated the event from Tuesday on, with snowfall, strong wind and fog. Extra shifts were necessary to adapt the racing program and to communicate the amendments. Some decisions could only be taken early in the morning of the same day, at 07.00 o‘clock on Plateau Nair (2.660 m).

Strong Team

That is why all those who contributed to the success of the Interbancario 2018 deserve a sincere "thank you". The Co-Presidents of the Organizing Committee, Martin Berthod and Jan Steiner, Martina Hänzi as a reference point in the rather turbulent event, Wim Rossel as omnipresent race director of the alpine races, Stephan Müller as a committed race director of the cross-country competitions, the timekeepers, all helpers in the race office, on the slopes and along the trails have done great things.


Special thanks are also due to all the participants, who resisted wind and bad weather never losing their good mood and their enthusiasm for the Interbancario

Thank you and see you in Maria Alm


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Refreshed Website


The new website of the Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo has been online since 30th September 2017.

It is aimed at making the information concerning the Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo more accessible to you, easier to read and clearer to understand.

The advantages are obvious: the graphic design, the layout and the content are in line with today’s standards. The contents are laid out more clearly. The menu function allows you to have immediate access to the topics you are interested in.

All the information regarding the Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo is now ready to hand on your smartphones and tablets. You only need a desktop computer for the registration of your team in order to be able to participate in the „Interbancario“.

Make sure you register for the newsletter.

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Looking forward to the next winter season 2017-18


All over Europe we are now enjoying the warmer seasons of the year, yet at the same time we are al- ready looking forward to the next winter season 2017-18 and to the 58th Ski Meeting Interbancario Eu- ropeo which will take place in St. Moritz and in Pontresina (Switzerland) from 13 to 20 January 2018.
In a joint meeting between the Organising Committee of St. Moritz / Pontresina 2018 and the Standing Committee, the course for next winter’s Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo was set and some important programme items and speci c procedures were de ned.

At the same time, the yearly spring meeting of the Standing Committee (SC) was held. Given the wi- thdrawal of four members of the Standing Committee at the beginning of February 2017 at the end of the event in Olang/Antholz, vacant positions had to be lled and the single organs of the Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo had to be rede ned. Please nd further detailed information under the heading “Standing Committee” and “News”.

During this meeting, the Standing Committee had an extensive work programme and dealt with recur- ring issues such as amendments of the regulations, the statement of accounts, as well as other relevant issues, which are of great importance for the development of the Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo.

Among others, the discussions revolved around the venues for the Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo in the years to come and the requirements of the future organizers. Furthermore, a rst step was taken towards creating a new communication platform with the aim of a better exchange of information bet- ween participants and the Standing Committee. In addition, a decision was taken regarding the collec- tion of ideas in order to advance the development of the format of the event. An international working group made up especially of young participants of the Ski Meeting Interbancario Europeo will deal with the latter issue.

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Election oft the Standing Committee and Amendment to Regulations


New entry oft wo new members oft the Standing Committee (SC): Brede Havneraas, Nordea, und Alain Desfonds, Credit Agricole Sud Rhône Alpes;
Confirmation of Irina Peternel, SKB, und Luca Gurini, Credito Valtellinese, as permanent members oft the Committee;
Election oft the Standing Committee:
- Richard Maria Seebacher, Südtiroler Sparkasse / Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano – Chairman
- Luca Poggio, Unicredit Group – Vice Chairman Vicarius
- Manuela Geist, LBS Landesbausparkasse Bayern – Vice Chairman
- Stefano Olivieri, Unicredit Group – Treasurer

Addition to Regulations Art. 6.1 (Cross-country relay race):
Additional information regarding admission of mixed teams in the relay races (until now not specifically regulated.

Amendment of Appendix to Regulations (Prize giving at official events):
At least 3 teams will be awarded (until now at least 2 teams) if in ranking.

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Resignations and assumption of the secretary-function on behalf of the Standing Committee


Resigation as members of the Standing Committee of

Bruno Proto, Chairman (Banca di Trento e Bolzano, now Gruppo Intesa San Paolo),
Giancarlo Chelini, Treasurer (UniCredit Banca),
Pierre Laundrieux (Credit Agricole),
Bjarte Eikeseth, Vice Chairman (Nordea).

Assumption of the secretary-function on behalf of the Standing Committee by Raffaella Serafini (Südtiroler Sparkasse – Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano).

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Change years of membership


In the categories of skiing already the edition of 2016 changed the years of membership

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Resignation from the Permanent Committee


Resignation of Ms Evi Rohrhirsch (HVB – UniCredit Munich – Germany)

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Election of the Standing Committee and Modifications to Regulation


Resignation of Mr Prohaczka Gustl - Oesterreichische Nationalbank - Wien (Austria)

Election of the Standing Committee
Chairman Proto Bruno - Banca di Trento e Bolzano (Italia)
Vice Chairman Vicarius Seebacher Richard Maria - Cassa Risparmio Bolzano (Italia)
Vice Chairman Eikeseth Bjarte - Nordea Bank (Svezia)
Treasurer Chelini Giancarlo - UniCredit S.p.A (Italia)

New entry of temporary Members
Peternel Irina - SKB (Slovenia)
Gurini Luca - Credito Valtellinese (Italia)

Modifications to Regulation: art. 2.6

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Resigned as a permanent member of the CP


Resignation of Mrs. Laura Boccadoro - Deutsche Bank (Italia)
Resignation of Mr. Haselbach Werner - Credit Suisse (Svizzera)

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Release of the Yearbook 1961-2013


The Standing Committee announces the release of the Yearbook 1961-2013 Ski MeetingInterbancario Europeo, a volume of 128 pages, with over 1,000 exhibits including photographs chronicle, reproductions of historical documents, statistics, curiosity and numerous texts in four languages as ​​support. An extraordinary fresco of the more than 50-year history of the Interbancario that will be available, against a small charge, at the Race Office of Scuol during the entire week of the event.

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Change in secretariat


Mrs Evelyn Rier - Südtiroler Sparkasse / Cassa di risparmio di Bolzano - alternates Maria Smanio as Secretary

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Resignation and new members entrance from CP


Ratification of the "change of categories downhill and cross-country skiing" from 2013

Resignation of Mr Guido Zampieri - UniCredit

New entry of Mr Luca Poggio - Unicredit

Entrance from a temporary member of Martin Honisch - Credit Suisse

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Closure notice for search temporary members


Search Members Temporary for CP - closure notice

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Open call for temporary members, change secretary and new member from CP


Open call for temporary CP Search Members

Mrs Maria Smanio - UniCredit S.p.A. Verona - alternates Sandra Guion as Secretary

New entry of Mr Richard Maria Seebacher - Cassa di Risparmo di Bolzano, Bolzano

Resignation of Mr Paul Mayr - Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano, Bolzano

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Resignation membro from C.P.


Resignation of Mr Severino Dinoni - Gruppo BNP Paribas, Rome

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